Aquamarine Gemstone Candle

Aquamarine Gemstone Candle

If you love geodes, crystals or nature you can’t help but fall in love with this candle. Its crystal top sparkles like gemstones while its sides seem carved from dazzling natural agates. With the specially designed wick to give it the longest possible burn time and clear core emitting light through the top and sides you can enjoy this pillar candles’ radiant effects with a breathtaking sense of wonder for many, many hours to come.

All handmade manufacture makes each candle a unique work of art with a genuine Aquamarine gemstone embedded in base. Mix of paraffin and soy wax with all-cotton wick for a clean, drip-free burn. Burn time 90+ hours for hours of enjoyment. Scented with Seaside Retreat which has a tropical ocean scent. 

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