Discovery Microscope
Discovery Microscope

Discovery Microscope

This stylish microscope comes with a sturdy carry case and everything you need to start your discovery of the microscopic world! This 28 piece kit includes 5 prepared slides, 7 blank slides, brine, dye, a petri dish, and more!

28 piece kids' microscope kit includes three lenses, seven blank slides, slide covers, a petri dish, brine, a shrimp hatchery, and more! Also includes a sturdy carry case! Ideal for future scientists to use at home or at school!

Give your kids a head start in the sciences with this amazing microscope kit! Teaches budding scientists how to prepare and view specimens for viewing under the powerful microscope!
Get up close and personal with the world on a microscopic level with this high-quality 28 piece microscope kit. It is a fun and educational gift idea for older kids and teens, but it is also a fascinating tool to have on hand for anyone with a natural curiosity about how things work.

The kit includes the microscope and three different lenses giving you up to 900x magnification! Also included are five pre-prepared slides so that you can see the power of this microscope right away! Additionally supplies to prepare your own specimens are in the kit and these include seven blank slides, slide covers, a petri dish, brine, and a shrimp hatchery. 

The kit comes in a sturdy and protective carry case which is not only great for storing all of the parts and pieces of the kit, it makes it much easier to take it to school or anywhere you would like to go to conduct a scientific investigation!

This amazing microscope and accessories are just what you need to get your older child away from their electronics and interested in Science and the natural world! It makes a wonderful and educational gift for any occasion!

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