Graveyard of the Giant Beasts DVD

Graveyard of the Giant Beasts DVD

A mining operation in Cerrejon, Northern Colombia opened a window into a previously unknown period of the Earth's history, where a world teeming with giant creatures emerged. The biggest of them all was Titanoboa - a 43-foot snake, the largest that ever lived. No other creature could match Titanoboa in its size and strength...or so was thought. 

New discoveries in Cerrejon suggest that Titanoboa's rule was challenged by a giant crocodilian. Now follow scientists as they come to grips with the size of this animal and uncover what made it so successful. Close analysis of fossils and scientific experiments reveal unmatched hunting prowess. So which one was the apex predator in Cerrejon 58 million years ago? 

Approximately 60 minutes ling. DVD version. 

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