Gross Body Lab Kit
Gross Body Lab Kit

Gross Body Lab Kit

Slimy brains, melty mucus, and bulging eyeballs! This hands-on Science Academy kit includes all the materials needed to conduct six fun and gross experiments that use the fundamentals of chemistry to show the disgusting side of biology! Make soap eyeballs, severed soap fingers and slimy soap brains. Make mucus, blood clots and guts as you create your own slime.

Includes jar of calcium chloride, jar of alginate, 3 bottles of food coloring, clear glycerin soap, titanium dioxide pigment soap, large beaker, 2 small beakers, 3 stir sticks, 2 pipettes, 1 spoon, one specimen tube, 1 dish, 1 pair of gloves, safety goggles, eye cornea film, eye and finger mold, brain mold, guidebook.

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