IMAX: The Hidden Dimenion

IMAX: The Hidden Dimenion

They're always there, you just have to know how to look for them. What are they? They're the fascinating sights and realms 11 year-old Elly sees via powerful electron microscopes.

Charlotte Sullivan (TV's Radio Free Roscoe) plays Elly, who unravels the clues found in letters from her grandfather... and discovers a normally unseen world of beauty and amazement that staggers the imagination, James Garner provides the voice of Elly's clever grandpa. And an exquisitely winged moth, and eight-eyed spider, table salt molecules, Elly's own body heat and more are among the tiny miracles that loom large. You've not seen anything quite like them. Small wonder.

Digitally mastered from original 70mm film elements, with the sound components specially mastered to produce the highest quality Dolby Surround soundtrack.

Special Features:

  • Soundtrack featured in Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Featurette Echoes of the Sun
  • Languages: English & French
  • Subtitles: English, French, & Spanish
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