Kombucha Jar with Valve
Kombucha Jar with Valve

Kombucha Jar with Valve

The Kombucha Jar with Valve is designed specifically for making kombucha. It's our favorite vessel for brewing booch! Features include:

  • Stainless steel bottling valve & pre-drilled hole
  • Spout along the lip for easy pouring
  • Convenient volume markers: a 1 gallon fill line (for brewing) and a 2 cup marker (for starter tea)

No need for measuring cups - just mind the volume markers! Use the bottling valve to take samples and to bottle (no messy spills or pouring required). Bottling day is a breeze and clean up is minimal with these features. Plus, you never need to disturb the scoby. This 1-gallon fermentation jar has a hexagonal shape inspired by honeycomb & our signature bee logo.

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