Latino Minnesota

Latino Minnesota

Latino Minnesota is the story of a vibrant, diverse community whose contributions to the history of this state have been many. Migrants, immigrants, and their Minnesota-born children have added to the economic, cultural, and social fabric of this state for nearly a century. Like every immigrant group, Latinos have come to Minnesota in search of opportunities to better their lives. Since the 1910s, Latino workers have provided the backbone for this state's agricultural, food processing, manufacturing, and service industries. Today, Latino Minnesota includes a variety of people from many nations contributing to every sector of society.

Creatively conceived, with lively text, photographs, and artwork, Latino Minnesota traces the Latino journey north, from the earliest settler, musician Luis Garzon; to the Mexican colonia that grew up in St. Paul after World War I; to recently arrived immigrants from Central and South America. It highlights individual achievements, a tradition of mutual aid, and the ongoing Latino struggle to retain a cultural heritage while adjusting to life in el norte.

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