Music of Egypt

Music of Egypt

Music of Egypt celebrates the spirit, passion, and vast influence of Egyptian traditions and culture. This exceptional collection features both traditional Egyptian music performed with traditional instruments, as well as contemporary music – ranging from world beat to new age, to modern classical-inspired by Egyptian themes.  The stunning result is a CD offering a uniquely spirited and often spiritual sound.  Running Time: 76:01
1.    Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy
Enchanted Egypt 1

2.    Mahmoud Fadl, feat. Khamis Henkish
Darig Masri

3.    Philip Glass
Akhnaten Dance

4.    Soliman Gamil
Sufi Dialogue

5.    Gerald Jay Markoe

6.    Hamza El Din
A Wish

7.    Joel Goodman
Ode to Hatshepsut
8.    Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy
At the Gates of the Citadel

9.    Scott Shannon
I Am Egypt - At The Pharaoh’s Court

10.   Mahmoud Fadl
Maqsoum Sombati

11.   Soliman Gamil
The Sinsimia

12.   The Musicians of the Nile
Suq Al-Manadil

13.   Joan Jeanrenaud
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