National Parks Tea Gift Set

National Parks Tea Gift Set

This National Parks Tea pack features 3 black teas and Science Museum of Minnesota mug. Also included is the See America book featuring all national parks , landmarks, and treasured sites with beautiful artwork from a global community of artists. Ten percent of all tea sales help preserve the national parks. 

Each tea container is 4 oz containers in tea and comes in a tin to maintain freshness. The tea pack includes the following teas:

  • Rocky Mountains tea features black teas, raspberry leaf, raspberry flavor, sage leaf, and raspberry pieces.
  • Yosemite tea feature black teas, pineapple flavor, spearmint, and marigold petals.
  • Yellowstone tea features black teas, prickly pear flavor, safflower, blue cornflower petals, strawberry pieces, oat straw and natural bergamot flavor. 

Brewing Directions: Use 1 tsp for 6 oz of water and brew at 212 degrees for 3 minutes. 

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