Newton's Laws of Motion Cuff
Newton's Laws of Motion Cuff

Newton's Laws of Motion Cuff

Newton's Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy was published in 1687 and changed the scientific world forever, particularly his three laws of motion. I've incorporated Isaac Newton's equations representing the principal laws of motion with vintage imagery of Andrew Motte's translation of his 'Principia'. The final imagery has been made to appear aged and stained; in fact parts of it almost resemble antiqued brown leather. This truly has to be the ideal gift for a physicist or mathematician.

The brass cuff is easily adjustable to customize the fit to your wrist by using slight pressure once on and the materials and methods used to create each cuff give the artwork a translucent finish so you will see the patina of the brass underneath. The brass will change patina over time to a beautiful and unique shade and this is completely natural.

Made of brass with a non-waterproof (but splash-proof) finish. Do not submerge underwater. One size fits all: 1.5" X 5.5" 

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