Periodic Game of Elements
Periodic Game of Elements

Periodic Game of Elements

  • CHEMISTRY BOARD GAME - Learn chemistry from Periodic, a science game where players move across the periodic table to collect elements using the periodic trends.
  • STRATEGIC PLAY - A movement-based game about chemistry. Highly strategic to engage an adult gamer, yet intuitive enough for kids 10 and up to play at home or in the classroom.
  • ACCURATE SCIENCE - All elements, groups, periodic trends, and vocabulary in Periodic are concepts covered in chemistry class, making it one of the best educational games to aid science teachers.
  • WHO CAN PLAY - Perfect for the gamer, science class or family game night. Teachers, scientists, biologists, and students love playing this geeky science game; and it makes a great birthday surprise!
  • LEARN SCIENCE - Designed to teach the chemistry behind the structure and properties of the periodic table at middle school, high school or college levels. Complies with STEM and NGSS standards.
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