Pottery Wheel

Pottery Wheel

With the National Geographic Explorer Series Pottery Wheel Set, kids and beginners can experience the creative thrill of designing, throwing, and painting their own air-dry pottery! With its AC-powered wheel, innovative features and loads of pottery-making accessories, this STEAM kit is designed to introduce kids to pottery making while eliminating frustration and setting them up for success from the start!

This STEAM pottery wheel set includes everything kids need to start creating: Pottery wheel with plug-in electric motor; 2 lbs. of air-dry clay; innovative arm tool with Centering, Opening & Shaping attachments; apron; 3 sculpting tools; wire tool; sponge; 6 colors of paint, brush & palette; Learning Guide with kid-friendly instructions and video lessons. While battery-powered units can often slow or skip from downward pressure, the National Geographic Explorer Series Pottery Wheel boasts a 2-speed, AC-powered motor that won’t become sluggish as kids work with clay.

To make pottery even more fun, the wheel’s design includes an integrated arm tool with three attachments to open, center and shape clay into art. No baking or firing is necessary, and once dry, kids can use the included sculpting tools, paints, palette and brush to add more artistic flair to their creations!

Detailed, kid-friendly instructions are also included, along with links to step-by-step video lessons that guide kids through the process of pottery making. National Geographic also includes an illustrated Learning Guide that teaches kids about clay, the physics of making pottery, and how cultures from around the world have used both throughout the ages. 

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