Solar System Quilt
Solar System Quilt

Solar System Quilt

Explore the outer reaches of our Solar System with the tips of your fingers - this quilt is sure to spark scientific curiosity in space enthusiasts both young and old. Densely packed with hand-embroidered silk details like the rings of Saturn and the dynamic surface of our constantly changing Sun.

Design features include the 8 planets, their largest moons (Did you
know Saturn has over 82 moons!?), and our favorite dwarf planet,
Pluto; a periodic comet, perhaps the beloved Halley's; and countless asteroids, exoplanets, and distant stars.

  • Measures 45" x 45"
  • Cotton applique on 100% organic cotton base
  • Silk embroidery

For best quilt care, please machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry at the lowest sitting (or lay flat to air dry).

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