Strange Encounters Lab Kit
Strange Encounters Lab Kit

Strange Encounters Lab Kit

Make your own gravity defying bouncy ball, mix up an interstellar landscape, and create a glowing crystal space orb as you engage with the study of the universe, gravity, phosphorescence, the solar system and the possibility of life on other planets!

Includes 150g cornstarch, 125 g black sand, 90g aluminum potassium sulfate, 75m mineral oil, 1g silver glitter, 1.5g zinc sulfide with copper, 40g plaster, mixing tray, crystal orb mold, fishing line, orb displayer, decorative aura sheet, beaker, flow polymer, bouncy ball mold, small white spoon, blue spoon, 2 stir sticks, pair of gloves, and instruction book. For ages 8+.

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