The Tomb in Ancient Egypt

The Tomb in Ancient Egypt

From the pyramids and royal burial ground in the Valley of the Kings to the tombs of queens such as Ramesses II's consort Nefertari and the far larger number of private tombs of nobles like Rekhmire and Ramose, The Tomb in Ancient Egypt is an unparalleled guide.

Besides the paintings, reliefs, and statues adorning their walls, many tombs show the breathtaking skill of ancient architects, and autobiographical texts found inside several tombs give rare insights into Egyptian life. We read of Harkhuf's African explorations, returning with the gift of a dancing dwarf to his boy-king, Pepy II, and we learn how General Amenemhab saved his king's life when the king was charged by an enraged elephant.

Written by two experts in the field. includes a comprehensive list of the principal cemeteries, with glossary and maps for ease of reference. 350 illustrations, 40 in color.
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