What's Wrong With You: An Insider's Guide to Your Insides

What's Wrong With You: An Insider's Guide to Your Insides

Take a tour through your body and the many ways it can fail in What's Wrong with You? An Insider's Guide to Your Insides.

Everybody has a body, and everybody gets sick. But unless you go to medical school, the mechanisms behind your medical symptoms remain a mystery.

Why do you get diarrhoea when you’re stressed?
Why do both teenagers and bodybuilders get acne?
Why do you feel like yawning when you’re tired, nervous, or when you think about yawning (like now)?
Why do many men go bald, but women don’t?

Over a billion health-related Google searches – more than one in every 15 Google enquiries – are made every day. Ask ‘Dr Google’ about your headache or fever and it will spew forth a bewildering, and often terrifying list of possible diagnoses, invariably topped by brain cancer or a parasitic infection. What Dr Google 
won’t tell you is the infinitely more interesting bit: what's actually going on in your body to make you feel sick.

What's Wrong With You? Dr Sarah Holper takes you on an extensive tour through your body, explaining how its failings cause your medical symptoms. Packed with memorable patient encounters, cultural diversions, historical oddities and insider doctor secrets, Dr Holper arms you with the knowledge you need to understand why your body reacts to illness the way it does. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re dizzy, burpy, baldy, chesty, deafy or sniffy – What’s Wrong With You? is for you.
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