Wolf Foil Framed Print

Wolf Foil Framed Print

This wolf foil print is 8X10 and is framed. 

Louis Dufay, a Frenchman and a printer by trade, was sitting in his garden on a sunny day, watching butterflies. he noticed that the butterfly wings produced an iridescence or a play of light of varying colors, depending on the angle from which they were observed. Intrigued, Dufay began to experiment with special foil materials, attempting to duplicate the color reflections he saw in butterfly wings. This foil print was created using the process originally developed by Louis Dufay. Hand engraved designs are embossed onto metal foil sheets and printed in full-processed color using transparent inks. Transparent inks are used because they allow the reflective quality of foil to be retained creating depth and movement through the diffraction of light on the image surface. A team of engraving specialists enhances the details of each image by hand. The result is a light-catching faceted surface that appears alive with color. 

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