Maya Hand Carved Ceramic Mug

Maya Hand Carved Ceramic Mug

Dive into the ancient Mayan world and a language dating back to the early 3rd century BCE as you enjoy your favorite spiced Mayan drinking chocolate. The inscription on this mug comes from a lintel over a doorway in Yaxchilán, and it depicts a ritual of protection to keep the building and its occupants safe. 

The glyphs on this earth-toned mug have been sand-carved by hand into the surface of the mug for a unique tactile feel.

Gift one to your favorite linguist, professor, or significant other and make their day. Each piece is made with care by skilled artisans, so you can let your love for science and art shine through with every sip.

Dishwasher and microwave-safe 15 oz. mug. 

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