The Biology Coloring Book

The Biology Coloring Book

In The Biology Coloring Book, learn about the basic processes of life and the interactions of living things within their environment. Whether studying biology on your own or enrolled in a course in high school or college, you will find this book indispensable.

More than 50% of your brain is devoted to vision and movement. Use the unique and highly effective Coloring Concepts method to experience for yourself how the action of coloring allows for more complete understanding than passive reading. 

Allow yourself to be tutored step-by-step through the fundamental concepts of biology and the evidence and reasoning processes which lead to them, while the colors and your movements form strong mental associations which greatly improve comprehension and memory. 

Students will learn:

  • About the basic chemistry of life
  • How organisms fit into their environments
  • Classification and organization of animals
  • Introductory genetics and the genetic code
  • Nucleic acids: DNA and RNA
  • The Scientific Method; Observations and Hypotheses
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