Great Orange Tip Butterfly Entomology Kit Expansion Pack

Great Orange Tip Butterfly Entomology Kit Expansion Pack

Expand your bug-pinning skills and collection with the Entomology Expansion Pack: Orange Tip Butterfly. With this expansion pack developed by museum professionals, you will receive:

  • An Orange Tip Butterfly
  • 6 wing strips
  • 6 #000 entomology pins
  • #1 Entomology pins 
  • Specimen fact sheets for each insect included in the kit

Warning: This kit contains dead insect specimens as well as entomology pins which are sharp. Children using this kit require adult supervision. 

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Great Orange Tip (Hebomoia glaucippe)

The Great Orange Tip is a tropical butterfly in the family Pieridae. They are found in South and Southeast Asia in grassland and rainforest habitats. Great Orange Tips are named for their white wings with bright orange and black tips on the forewings. Adult butterflies frequently perch on the ground with closed wings, appearing like dead leaves for camouflage. Caterpillars of this species mimic vine snakes, with their green color and eyespot markings. The caterpillars will rear up into a “snakelike” posture if threatened, completing the illusion.

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