Workshop & Kit FAQ

Accessibility: Please contact us if you have any accessibility needs before the workshop, so that we can discuss accommodation options to meet your individual needs.

Age Restriction: Workshop attendees should be adults ages 18 and up. 

Cancellations: Out of consideration for customers on our waitlist, cancellations must be made a minimum 72 hours before the workshop. Cancellations made less than 72 hours before the start of the workshop will not be refunded.

The Science Museum of Minnesota retains the right to cancel or move workshop sessions at any time. If your workshop is canceled, we will directly reach out to you for options to reschedule for another workshop, or provide a full refund.

Check-in: Workshop check-in will happen on level 5 at the Explore Store gift shop. You will be directed to the workshop location after arrival. 


The vendors we use to source insects were carefully vetted in alignment with the Science Museum of Minnesota's ethics policy, in partnership with STEM professionals from our Center for Research and Collections. 

When determining vendors we use for our workshops and kits, we emphasized sustainability, ethical treatment, conservation, and proper permitting. The entomology kit's instructions include a full description and further details about specimen sourcing. 

Ethically sourcing insects takes a great amount of knowledge and care. If your interests as a community scientist become serious enough to involve collecting live specimens, consult an entomology professional before continuing. 

For more information about our ethical approach, email contact

Museum Admission: Participants will be given museum admission as a part of the workshop experience and can enjoy the galleries before or after their participation in the workshop.  

Safety: This workshop handles deceased insects and is a hands-on experience. Participants will be handling deceased insects, using insect forceps to manipulate the specimen, as well as sharp entomology pins. Due to the nature of these tools and materials, participants will be asked to sign a waiver before participating in the workshop.