Our Gay History in Fifty States

Our Gay History in Fifty States

In 2014, Zaylore Stout took a drive across the country. State line after state line, he found himself detouring to landmarks of the LGBT+ heroes and history in each new place. And so, like a travel guide through the LGBT+ past and present, Our Gay History in Fifty States was born.

Encompassing all fifty states as well as Washington, DC, and island territories, Our Gay History in Fifty States documents the highs and lows of American LGBT+ history. In its pages, you'll learn about LGBT+ presidents and Two-Spirit warriors, the inclusive progression of the gay rights movement, iconic orange juice boycotts, and the true origin of vogue dancing. From the childhood homes of historical figures to the safe spaces of grassroots organizations, this book is filled with destinations for those on their own local or cross-country tours of the past.

Sometimes, seeing yourself in history is all you need to validate your battle for the future. While we continue pushing toward a more inclusive country, the stories of Our Gay History in Fifty States remind us that LGBT+ history is--and will always be--American history.

This is a hardcover coffee table-sized book written by Zaylore Stout. 

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