Burps: A Field Guide

Burps: A Field Guide

Burps: A Field Guide covers 10 different types of belches through text, illustrations, and sound.

Filled with shameless body-related humor, this book identifies the characteristics, habitat, voice, and "tasting notes" of each gassy oral emission.

The sound of each burp is reproduced with alarming accuracy through an attached battery-powered belch machine.

• Burps include the outsized Baby Boom, the bone-shaking Surround Sound, and the sudden arrival of The Shocker.
• Grossly funny illustrations capture each burp at its moment of arrival—and the devastation in its wake.
• Printed on durable cardstock to make it through even the most powerful burps

This is a bathroom book of pure, unbridled entertainment for the giggling child (and proud belcher) in all of us.
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