Death's-head Hawkmoth Entomology Kit Expansion Pack

Death's-head Hawkmoth Entomology Kit Expansion Pack

Expand your bug-pinning skills and collection with the Entomology Expansion Pack: Sunset Moth. With this expansion pack developed by museum professionals, you will receive:

  • A Death's-head Hawkmoth
  • 6 wing strips
  • #000 entomology pins
  • #1 Entomology pins 
  • Specimen fact sheets for each insect included in the kit

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Death's-head Hawkmoth (Archerontia atropos)
Famous for its inclusion in pop culture and art, the Death’s-head Hawkmoth has a pattern on its thorax that resembles a human skull. These large sphinx moths, from the family Sphingidae, are found throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe. They are nocturnal and known for their large size, brown and yellow coloring, and their sharp chirp when irritated. Research suggests that the “skull” may be used for deterring predators. When viewing the moth upside down with its wings folded, light-colored spots on the wings give the impression of eyes, and the “skull” resembles the nose of a larger, potentially more intimidating, animal.

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