Sunset Moth Entomology Kit Expansion Pack

Sunset Moth Entomology Kit Expansion Pack

Expand your bug-pinning skills and collection with the Entomology Expansion Pack: Sunset Moth. With this expansion pack developed by museum professionals, you will receive:

  • A Sunset Moth
  • 6 wing strips
  • #000 entomology pins
  • #1 entomology pins 
  • Specimen facts sheets for each insect included in the kit

Please Note: The Sunset moth is included in the Entomology STEM Pinning Kit. This expansion pack is perfect for those who took a specialty bug pinning workshop where the Sunset was not included, or for the pinner who would like to purchase and pin more Sunset Moths.

Warning: This kit contains dead insect specimens as well as entomology pins which are sharp. Children using this kit require adult supervision. 

Looking for the main Entomology STEM Pinning kit? The Science Museum of Minnesota's own science kit, the Entomology STEM Pinning Kit, teaches you the full process of pinning insects. Be sure to use your 20% off coupon from your Entomology STEM Pinning Kit to get a discount on any of our insect expansion packs.

Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus)
This day-flying moth is native to Madagascar. Its iridescent wings are colorful and metallic on both sides. These bright colors are structural and will appear to change before your eyes depending on the incidence of light, meaning the angle of the light as it hits a surface and bounces to your eyes. In their larval stage, these moths only feed on the toxic leaves of plants of the genus Omphalea. Once eaten by the caterpillar, the toxins are stored in the body through the pupal and adult moth stages. The sunset moths’ bright colors may warn potential predators of their toxicity.

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