The Human Body Coloring Book: From Cells to Systems and Beyond

The Human Body Coloring Book: From Cells to Systems and Beyond

Color your way to understanding the human body and its systems with this interactive study guide from Coloring Concepts, designed with serious students and curious learners in mind. 

A rich resource for high school and college students, as well as general lifelong learners, The Human Body Coloring Book is a fun way to learn about the body and how it works. Designed for people who have never taken an anatomy class (as opposed to Coloring Concept’s Anatomy Coloring Book, created specifically for medical students), this educational guide provides an introduction to the body and is based on a regional approach to anatomy versus a systemic approach. It uses Coloring Concepts's unique methodology for kinesthetic learning, which involves physically interacting with a subject to facilitate understanding. 

Inside you’ll find more than more than 175 detailed illustrations accompanied by educational text covering various cells, organs, and systems. The book is divided into eleven sections that breakdown the body into helpful parts and functions, including the organization of the body, the tissues, an overview of regional anatomy, sensory receptors, and internal organs of the abdomen.

Incredibly detailed with colorable illustrations, The Human Body Coloring Book will turn curiosity into knowledge and make learning fun! 

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