2023-24 Gift Guide

2023-24 Gift Guide

Q: Where can you make every gift mean more?

A: Right here! With brain-teasing experiences, thought-provoking products, and choose-your-own-adventure gift certificates, every purchase from the Explore Store is raised to the power of two: You’ll boost both your recipients’ brain power and the power of the Science Museum’s mission to share more science education centered in equity with more learners of all ages.

100% of Explore Store proceeds support our mission to advance science education and equity

Gift Certificates: for your hardest-to-shop-for person.

Take it easy; one size fits all when you shop gift certificates. Gift certificates can be used in person, online, and over the phone for exhibit and Omnitheater admission, memberships, and summer camps, as well as in person in the Explore Store.

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