Five-Bar Swordtail Entomology Kit Expansion Pack

Five-Bar Swordtail Entomology Kit Expansion Pack

Expand your bug-pinning skills and collection with the Entomology Expansion Pack: Five-Bar Swordtail Butterfly. With this expansion pack developed by museum professionals, you will receive:

  • A Five-Bar Swordtail
  • 6 wing strips
  • 6 #000 entomology pins
  • #1 Entomology pins 
  • Specimen fact sheets for each insect included in the kit

Warning: This kit contains dead insect specimens as well as entomology pins which are sharp. Children using this kit require adult supervision. 

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Five-bar Swordtails (Graphium antiphates)

Five-bar Swordtails are a tropical swallowtail butterfly from the family Papilionidae. They are forest butterflies found throughout South and Southeast Asia. Five-bar Swordtails get their common name from the five short black bands on the forewing. These butterflies have green and yellow markings and a remarkably long tapering tail on their hindwing. Five-bar Swordtails are known to “mud-puddle,” a behavior where they seek out nutrients in moist substances, including mud and rotting plant matter.

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