Entomology Pinning Workshop: Sunset Moth
Entomology Pinning Workshop: Sunset Moth
Entomology Pinning Workshop: Sunset Moth

Entomology Pinning Workshop: Sunset Moth

Experience hands-on science through workshops at the Science Museum of Minnesota! Developed in partnership with the scientists in the museum’s Center for Research and Collections, each workshop offers a new opportunity to turn on the science.

Enter your entomological era! Learn about the scientific study of insects, the entomology collection here at the Science Museum, and the basics of how to pin and prepare your own specimens for display. 

This hour-long class includes museum admission, the Entomology STEM Pinning Kit, and hands-on instruction on how to properly pin specimens to take home with you. 

In the Entomology Pinning Workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Rehydrate specimens in a relaxing chamber
  • Scientifically pin Lepidoptera specimens
  • Display and store unmounted specimens once dried

    Take home your pinned specimen to complete the drying process, then use the skills you learned in the workshop to complete your display. 

    Workshop location: Science Museum of Minnesota, 120. W. Kellogg Blvd, Saint Paul, MN 55102, check-in at the Explore Store.

    This workshop is an in-person experience. For those looking for other options, check out our Entomolgy STEM Pinning Kit which allows you to purchase the kit used in the workshop to do it yourself from the comforts of your own home.

    Sustainability, responsible husbandry, and conservation are core considerations as we develop our entomology products and workshop experiences. We source insects from carefully vetted vendors with those priorities in mind and in alignment with the Science Museum of Minnesota's ethics policy. Learn more here.

    Workshop attendees should be ages 18 and up, as this is an adult-only workshop. Future youth options may be available. 

    Workshop Dates & Registration

    Slots are available for this workshop and access pricing is available. Check out our Workshop & Kit FAQ page to answer any initial questions you have before registering. 

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