Raccoon 3D Papercraft

Raccoon 3D Papercraft

3D pre-cut and pre-folded Raccoon Papercraft Model

Made out of sturdy craft paper in grayscale tones, this 3D raccoon papercraft decoration mysteriously looms on all fours crouched in a sneaky midnight prowl position.

  • Children love spending hours building and playing with their 3D papercrafts
  • Helps build focus and concentration
  • Excellent bonding activity for family and fields
  • No scissors needed
  • 100% recycled materials and fully recyclable

Difficulty: Normal

Measures HxWxD (cm/in): 30cm x 22cm x 65cm / 11.8"" x 8.7"" x 25.6"

Material: 250 gsm / 92 lbs pearlescent cardstock - in other words, it’s strong!

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